Dan & Tracy Alcantara

After much prayer, we are responding to a call to be on mission in the United Kingdom. Though it has a rich, Christian heritage, the UK is a place where the gospel has largely been forgotten or abolished, and there is a great need for cross-cultural gospel workers like us! We are excited to be partnering with the Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training (or AT3) in order to accomplish this work. Dan will be serving in a local church, gaining ministry experience in a post-Christian culture while also gaining theological training. Tracy will pursue her calling to serve young wives and mothers, training and empowering them to make disciples in their homes and neighbourhoods. This is a huge task, but God is faithful to empower His people to do what He has called them to. We are very excited to do this work in order to see the Kingdom of God grow in the UK to the glory of His name.
Dan & Tracy Alcantara

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