Andrew & Miranda Brothers

Church Planting and Discipleship Making


The call to serve God and His Church was shown to both Andrew and Miranda at a young age. It was not until studying missions at a bible college that God began directing us toward global missions.


The Holy Spirit has given us a burden to go overseas and plant churches in an unreached people group. We believe the best philosophy for this is through a multiplication model by making disciples, who make disciples.

What’s Next for the Brothers: Poland

Through the course of this year, we have sought God’s will and timing for where He will have us. Our desire to reach the unreached nations is still imbedded in our hearts. With that being said, through much prayer and wise counsel, we are taking a survey trip from January 10th-20th to Poznan, Poland. In Poland we will be surveying the culture and the people to see if this is where we could possibly serve long-term.

On our trip in Poland, we will:

• Begin to understand the history, culture, and its impact on ministry.

• Meet other missionaries and ministry leaders who are currently serving in Poland.

• Explore various ministries in Poznan, Poland (Church plants, foundations).

• Experience day to day living (Grocery stores, schools, local activities etc…).

• Assess the current team to help determine our best fit with them.


We would love to start and/or continue in partnership with you. We are looking for financial and prayer partners in the months to come. 

If you are interested please feel free to connect with us and donate here today. 

We truly believe we are all better together.


Andrew & Miranda Brothers

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