International Church Planters in East Berlin, Germany

Christian internationals in Berlin need a church home, and the emerging, multi-national East Berlin needs a local witness for Jesus Christ. That is why God has called Bruce & Mary Boeckel to East Berlin to plant a multi-national, English-language church there with the International Baptist Convention (IBC). Bruce & Mary have five years of previous experience in Germany and are trained and ready for immediate deployment in international ministry.


  • Berlin, a city of 3.5 million, now has 570,000 international residents, the fastest growing segment of the population.
  • The East Berlin district Prenzlauer Berg and the surrounding area have over 90,000 international residents but no international, English-language churches.


  • Because of New Hope International Church, international believers will not merely survive their time in Berlin; they will grow and thrive in their Christian walk and witness.
  • This vibrant, loving church family will embody Christian community in a city known for its "lonely crowds".
  • New Hope International Church will train disciples who will shine the light of Christ in many home countries and in international circles around the globe.
Bruce & Mary Boeckel

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