Oliver & Karissa H.

Oliver and Karissa are a German-American couple serving with Converge in Cameroon. They established a much-needed Physical Therapy department at the local missionary hospital which serves this entire region. Helping meet the physical needs of the poorest region in Cameroon gives Oliver and Karissa opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ with Cameroon’s least reached people groups. Karissa helps lead a Christian radio station that broadcasts the Gospel in the local languages. Together they encourage the local church of believers and disciple new believers who are facing persecution. Their hope and prayer is to see their ministry efforts help establish a national reproducing church among the unreached peoples of Cameroon.

You can give directly to the radio ministry project here: https://converge.org/give/650111

You can also make a special donation towards Oliver and Karissa’s MA studies in Intercultural Studies and Theology. They need about $8,000 total for both of them to complete their MA programs at Columbia Int’l University’s school of missions in Germany. You can give directly to their education fund here: https://converge.org/give/456991

Oliver & Karissa H.

Current Monthly Funding: 95%

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