Ashraf and Nivin I

Ashraf and Nivin are native Egyptians, at home in the Arab language and culture. They have ministered in the Middle East for more than 30 years, twelve of those years with Campus Crusade in Egypt. Ashraf holds an M.A. degree and has taught Islamic studies at a Christian College in Missouri.

Ashraf and Nivin’s primary ministry objective is to evangelize and disciple unreached Arab people groups of the 10/40 Window by:
1. Training Christian Egyptian immigrants who live and work in the restricted access countries of the Middle East and in Europe to win Egyptians and other Muslims to Christ,
2. Assisting the church in Egypt in its evangelism and discipleship strategies to reach Muslim Egyptians, and
3. To assist American churches in understanding the challenging facets of Islam, helping them begin an effective outreach strategy to win and disciple Muslim immigrants in the United States.

Whether it is networking and training Egyptians in the Arabian Gulf area, or mobilizing an Egyptian church for evangelism in Cairo, or working with church leaders in Florida to reach Muslim people in the United States, Ashraf and Nivin want to advance the gospel among unreached Arab people groups from the Middle East.

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