Grant & Lindsay Morgan

We are Grant and Lindsay Morgan from Whittier, CA. We have been serving at New Life Church in Stockholm, Sweden since February 2014 . New Life is a network of churches that are committed to impacting their community and the world with the hope of Jesus Christ. We have been invited to support the mother church by identifying, recruiting, and training leaders who will in turn serve as future church plants leaders in and around Stockholm. Lindsay and Grant previously served at Whittier Area Community Church and have brought years of experience with them leading worship services and building communication to New Life Stockholm.
They have a baby boy on the way arriving in January 2016 and are looking forward to expanding their ministry and influence in the up and coming years by facilitating internships and short term teams that will support the local church in Stockholm.

Prayer Requests
-Continued adjustment to not only the Swedish culture but also the incredibly diverse culture of New Life Stockholm.
-Health especially for Lindsay and the baby boy arriving soon.
-Permanent housing can be difficult to find in Stockholm. Please pray that we can find an apartment that is reasonably close to New Life and the center of town, large enough for our growing family, and affordable for our budget.
-New Life has just recently planted a new site in the northern part of Stockholm. Some of our best leaders have felt the call to minister in that site, so we are praying that God will help us identify who can grow quickly into the leadership roles that need to be filled at New Life Stockholm

Grant & Lindsay Morgan

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