Helari Puu

Helari Puu is a Christian pioneer. He was the youngest Pastor elected to lead the Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia once his country was free from the Soviet Union. He was the youngest person from Eastern Europe to be elected as President of the European Baptist Federation. Now, after twenty years helping Converge throughout the Nordic-Baltic region, he has become the first national missionary for Converge International Ministries.

Helari has his theological degree from the Baptist Seminary in Moscow. He worked under the Soviet system for many years as a bi-vocational pastor. It was difficult (illegal) to do any Christian work with children or young people. Churches were allowed to only have services inside the walls of their buildings. Evangelism was illegal and it was routine for the KGB to oppose churches by interrogating pastors and church leaders.

Since 1996 Helari has partnered with Converge/BGC, opening many doors for others to serve in Estonia. From that beginning until today we have deepened our relationships and developed a mission field. Today we have Crick and Mindy Porier, Beth Ann Erickson — and now Helari Puu as our missionaries in Estonia.

Helari knows the language, understands the culture, and loves his country. He helps lead our ministries of Church planting, leadership development, ministry to young adults, and publishing. Converge churches from our U.S. Northeast District have adopted Estonia and are very engaged in helping to this under reached country with less than two percent Christians.

Helari Puu shares our passion to reach lost people. We are having a significant impact in his country of 1.3 million people. We planted four new churches last year, we have several events to train church leaders and pastors, we sponsor “Reclaiming Your Passion” events for burned-out pastors, and we have Soccer leagues, English camps, and numerous outreach events for young people. Helari currently works with the Allika (Wellspring) Church in Tallinn, Estonia. He is married to Ruth, has a son (Eduard) and two daughters (Margaret and Mirjam).

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Helari Puu

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