Tim & Debbie McIntosh

Tim’s life purpose is to raise up a new generation of leadership for the Latin American church, primarily through teaching leadership courses to Latin American students through the ProMETA online university. Making quality theological education accessible is one of the greatest needs in today's Latin American church.

ProMETA is a ministry of the Latin America Training Network (LATN). LATN is a premier international education ministry that provides theological training for Christian leaders in the Spanish speaking world. LATN's decentralized approach enables proven leaders to continue their education without having to leave their families, ministries, or countries in order to do so.

Debbie completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College in 2010 and now uses her degree to counsel Latin American families, ministry leaders, and the poor of Peru. Her experience living and ministering cross-culturally combined with her degree and skill set allow her to bring fresh insights for change to Latin American followers of Christ.

The Lord is using Tim and Debbie to encourage spiritual change in Latin America with their ministries of leadership development, counseling, and mentoring.

Tim & Debbie McIntosh

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