Staples of Love

Hunger season is the period between the time village farmers have sold the last of their cash crop (peanuts) and small animals to buy food and the next harvest. The gap between these periods for poorer families is often three months (after a decent harvest), but can be much longer (after a poor harvest due to drought or insect invasion).

In the midst of the Hunger Season farmers must plant a new crop. Poorer farmers often have little money with which to buy seed to plant. Without sufficient seed poorer farmers will have a significantly reduced harvest and the cycle of poverty will only continue and deepen. The Staples of Love project provides a 100 lb bag of food staples (rice and/or millet) every two months during the hunger season for the poorest farmers who are struggling to feed their families. In addition, the project provides no-interest loans to farmers to buy peanut seed to plant which is paid back after harvest.

Staples of Love
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