Agape Project

Missionaries are outsiders among the people they desire to reach. That’s why Muslims who come to faith in Christ are so important as ministry partners. As a former Muslim, Awa is a valuable member of our ministry team because she understands the worldview of her people and their faith.

Awa has been looking for a place of her own to live in our community—a place where she can teach kids Bible stories and songs that praise God. There are no Christian homeowners in our town, and Muslim homeowners won’t rent to Christians “corrupting” kids with “heretical ideas” about God. Our team wants to help Awa build a small (800 sq ft) cement block house.

We expect the total cost for land, materials, construction, and legal expenses for Awa’s two-bedroom house to be $20,000 to $25,000. We’ve set up a house arrangement with Awa on a 10-year plan. From her small salary Awa will pay rent so that over ten years she will pay half the cost of her home. When she has paid her share, the title will be put in her name.

Can you help our team make this dream a reality and help fund the construction of Agape Place?

Agape Project
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    Point - Fall 2017

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