Dr. Joey & Carol Mimbs

Member Care

The Need

Converge global workers are penetrating intense spiritual darkness as they start and strengthen churches worldwide. The stresses of loneliness, spiritual attacks, cultural demands, and language assimilation threaten the longevity of their work.

Our Response

Converge created the Member Care Team at the request of its global workers, and we were asked us to join it. God has given us more than 30 years of pastoral and missionary experience, and we feel blessed to serve God’s servants on this team. We provide spiritual and emotional care for our workers’ wellbeing so they can remain strong and healthy in their overseas ministries.

Our Strategy

  • Provide a safe environment for workers to debrief often, through video conferencing and personal visits
  • In response to debriefing, assess needs and provide appropriate help and resources
  • Pray regularly with and for our global workers
  • Provide help and training in the use of the Converge TntConnect database
  • Provide worship opportunities for isolated workers through video conferencing
  • Assist global workers in training and teaching nationals
  • Care for new appointees as they prepare for their overseas work

By partnering with us, you are providing vital care to keep Converge global workers strong as they start and strengthen churches worldwide.

Joey & Carol Mimbs

Current Monthly Funding: 55%

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