Joey & Carol Mimbs

Member Care

Providing Spiritual and Emotional Care for Converge Global Workers

With more than 30 years of pastoral and missionary experience, Dr. Joey and Carol Mimbs serve the members of our Converge International Ministries family in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They provide spiritual and emotional care for Converge global workers. Their goal is to promote the workers’ overall wellbeing so that they can serve God effectively. The Member Care Team will:

  • Pray daily for our global workers.
  • Connect regularly with them through social media, video conferencing and personal visits.
  • Assess and resource their needs.
  • Provide support to reduce loneliness, discouragement and burnout.
  • Teach, train and facilitate workers and national leaders when applicable.
  • Provide a safe environment for workers to share their hearts and struggles.

Partner with Joey and Carol to make a difference in the lives of Converge global workers as they start and strengthen churches worldwide.

Joey & Carol Mimbs

Current Monthly Funding: 50%

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