Established Church Assessment Center

We want our churches to stay healthy so they can continue to impact their communities for Jesus. An important part of this Center is providing support for our pastors and helping them through the challenges of leading a church.

The Established Church Assessment Center will help us serve pastors who desire a checkup. Maybe they have reached a ministry milestone, are considering activities for a sabbatical or simply feel burned out. With your help, the Established Church Assessment Center will give pastors the tracks to run on to make the most of their ministry.

We're counting on you to help us. Please pray about the financial contribution you will make to these challenging initiatives beyond your existing support to other Converge entities. The Converge national office will match your gift to the Established Church Assessment Center initiative between now and December 31, 2017, up to $250,000. Or you may designate your gift for the Converge General Fund, allowing us to apply it to the area of greatest need.

You make it possible for people to meet, know and follow Jesus. Thank you so much for helping us start and strengthen churches together worldwide!

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