We intentionally meet our pastors where they are. Converge districts are working with local pastors and churches to create coaching networks. These networks bring a new level of accountability, while also creating coaching pathways to raise up new leaders. Whether you are stuck, flourishing, in a state of burnout or need help with a succession plan, our coaching networks will come alongside you to provide covering and personal care.


Transform Networking Conference

When was the last time you connected with other pastors? Ministry can be busy and it’s hard to make time to get in a room with others who understand what your job is like. Transform is a conference that will help you get connected with other pastors. The conference is designed to connect pastors facing the same challenges.

This year we’re focusing on creating a coaching culture because we believe every leader needs a coach and every leader is a coach. In addition to the session I will be leading, there will be two great keynote speakers, Larry Osborne and Chris Williams. Attend Transform to learn, share and discuss what’s important to you now. Take on real-world challenges and leave ready to take them on—together.

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LEAD Teams

A LEAD Team is a gathering of relationally and missionally committed leaders from a geographical region or affinity group. Teams meet together regularly to build meaningful relationships, focus on spiritual growth, and work together to see mission accomplished through muyltiplying (planting) new churches, and nurturing church health. While church planting is a strong emphasis of each LEAD Team, church health is equally important. Participating pastors/leaders challenge each other, learn together, and resource one another in a caring environment to stimulate the mobilization, health, and impact of each church involved in the team.

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