Every leader needs a coach

Often ministry can be a lonely journey. Each day brings new challenges, such as managing church health and growth, leading staff and caring for your congregation—all while trying to move ministry forward and avoid burnout.

We believe every leader needs a coach. The significance of coaching runs consistently throughout the Bible. From the beginning of Creation, God designed us to be in relationship, and coaching flows out of these relationships. A coach can help develop healthy rhythms in your life and help you succeed by providing:

• Spiritual guidance
• Emotional support and prayer
• Accountability
• Training and skill development

Overcoming the obstacles that accompany ministry requires grit, tenacity, dependence and determination. Having a coach walk with you can make the difference.

Every leader is a coach

Leading a church requires great knowledge, character, vision and dependence on the Holy Spirit. There is always someone around you who has walked the path you’ve already been on. We all have experiences that can be shared to better other leaders.

We can help your church create a coaching culture by developing leadership pipelines through:

• Residencies
• Internships
• Teaching
• Mentoring

As a coach you can help lead others to their next destination. Our prayer is that each leader will raise
up other leaders to expand their reach.

    Point - September 2018

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