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Churches Looking for a Pastor

Having the right pastor in the right church at the right time is a top priority for your church and for our Converge movement. By means of a set of on-line profiles known as Ministry Placement Network, Converge endeavors to connect church pastoral search teams with candidates who are most closely suited to serve in any given congregation. Converge leadership is available to guide a search team through the process of self- evaluation and profiling that eventually leads to identifying a list of potential pastoral leaders who most closely match their ministry needs.

After the narrowing down process is advanced by the search team, Converge leadership can come along side to interview the two or three most likely candidates to help further qualify the remaining possibilities.

To begin the search process for your next ministry leader, contact your Converge region.

Pastors Looking for a Church

For pastoral leaders looking to transition to a new ministry setting, Converge offers a similar Ministry Placement Network profiling process. Ministry leaders will complete a lengthy profile detailing theological perspectives, philosophy of ministry preference, personality, leadership style, and value assessment, all in an effort to clearly articulate your passion, gifts, style, and values to a prospective church search team.  Your Converge region will assist you in this entire process.

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