7 Systems of Church Planting

We are committed to developing exceptionally equipped church planters. We help you succeed through our seven proven systems created by leaders across the country to improve the success rate and effectiveness of church planting.

  • Spiritual Dynamic: We lean on spiritual empowerment for our growth. Scripture and prayer are built into all we do.
  • Recruitment: We seek leaders who are interested in launching reproducing churches locally and participating in regional and global movements.
  • Assessment: We objectively determine a leader's call, giftedness, character and preparation for ministry.
  • Training: We arrange training events that equip leaders with up-to-date information and current strategies for effective ministries.
  • Coaching: We ensure that every planter has a trained coach. Coaches help planters succeed through sharing spiritual guidance, accountability, emotional support and skill development.
  • Resourcing: We provide state-of-the-art resources to assist leaders to make a kingdom impact in their communities.
  • Mutual Accountability:  We are clear about what our church planters can expect from us, and what we can expect from our church planters.  We maintain standards that position us to achieve more together than we ever could apart.
    Point - September 2018

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